office pro 2010 According to information,


office pro 2010 According to information,

the whole anti-piracy alliance total of 110 companies, including zhongying covers the huayi, companies such as, the 61 film copyright owners and 4 A advertising alliance, etc. "The company is completely coincide together." Think of, the reason is that the industry seems to have realized the true now into the "crisis"; And after a alliance, before the sort of ****tered prosecution will be scale, continued litigation to replace, "basic not to think about the cost of the prosecution, and continue to play, the perennial league lawyer will insist that fight the case."

Network video industry

Where to go

In fact, throw light levels of the company "saliva battle", the union of the prosecution will not bring video industry change of network, and this is the essence of this event.

After the prosecution in the league, a view, the current domestic Internet video industry's growth is benign track along the gradually, and the sudden litigation could interrupt industry development situation. Another sound argues that, "anti-piracy alliance" do just accelerated the video website "bleaching" process, in a period of time within the industry ascension threshold.


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