Outlook 2010 key Because of the requirements of the system


Outlook 2010 key Because of the requirements of the system

in the same or less than with Windows 7 Windows 7, Windows 8 will in most computer use."

Angelo also said: "we do another thing is in Windows 8 used intelligence technology, makes the operating system based on the user's computer to hardware configuration, is the best system ever.

automatic regulation user interface. So, whether the user is upgrading existing PC or buy a new PC, Windows 8 according to the user of the computer will automatically adjust the hardware configuration." In addition, Windows 8 also have touch function, the computer will be unable to reflect it touch screen all the function. is on sale now.

 The operating system also support a variety of sensors to monitor similar mobile and close to such action, existing PC will not configure these sensors.

Angelo says, the new interface has a similar to Windows Phone 7 color ICONS, the user can still use the mouse or keyboard navigation operation. To scroll up and down through the screen can be key to the application block to realize the mouse to click the can open application, on the keyboard shortcuts can let users Windows returned to the desktop.

In order to prove that the user without having to buy a new PC, changes life.

Angelo in many sets of PC running Windows 8, including samsung Series 9 laptops and Sony L Series Sony Vaio computer. He said: "global billions of users will use Windows 8 operating system, the responsibility is very important. Windows 8 will support hundreds of millions of machine is equipped with different size display computer, no matter whether these computers with touch screen Windows 8 is a PC. The ecological system upgrade."



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