Office 2007 key sweeping into the video content upstream


 Office 2007 key sweeping into the video content upstream

&l t;p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt" cl***="MsoNormal">And as "the second national nine minutes original film series" joint product party, win the compe***ion all video sole network copyright and network turn authorized.

Tencent video the original, the high-quality goods, changes life.

 formulated by the original three route will be comprehensive satisfy user video needs. On the one hand, show that tencent video resolutely original, safeguard the interests of the users and the copyright owners at***ude, on the other hand also show that video industry in the farewell bandwidth, license plate, technology, the compe***ion after the threshold, at present has access to the user experience compe***ive era, the core compe***ion is still content for the king.

Recently, China's first video website optimal cool (NYSE: YOKU) and Hollywood famous film company Walt Disney's cooperation quietly upgrade, optimal cool introduced Disney film promotion channel project page (< ;strong style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal"> will let your work faster and easier.

 Project video are Walt Disney in the first domestic authorized Chinese video.

At present, this project page video mainly is the pirates of the Caribbean 4: difficult blame wave ". Contents, in addition to good trailers, is more of a movie scenes of the great stories. Such as the premiere of the film at cannes .

and at the conference of parties that at the moment when the pirates of the Caribbean 4: difficult blame the waves of heat reflected in China, relevant video hits the quite tall also.

In addition to wonderful video, interactive games and activities are also a big attraction fans.


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