MS Office 2007 The reporter understands


MS Office 2007 The reporter understands

tencent video has covered 358 cities and regions, is the most widely covered city online video site. 2011 video will ever investment over tencent cost ascension content buying dynamics, has a very simple way to install.

 focus on the first time users to cover and provide 95% above the line of television and copyright popular television dramas. Tencent video also will be releasing white-collar work theater, field cloud, 80 that something and other personal theatre, Wall Street view, city chase, culture trip for industry such as the column, and summer music, likes the ***istant in your office.

< ;p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt" cl***="MsoNormal">a founding cloud, red theater for the project content such as festive, through the personalized content customization and cl***ification sorting, meet the needs of the user differentiation.

At the same time, tencent video will also through the online video users content has its own investigation and attention user ratings research and user demand of differentiation, timely follow-up customer satisfaction and ceaseless optimization and adjustment of content direction, to carry on the scientific operation platform. And actively makes the "tencent product", Do you ever buy the ?

and the latter in original video or homemade play, at present "XXX", "the Spanish big bang", "entertainment critical points" column has deep obtain product tencent user affection.

Recent tecent company video of it in action, has repeatedly field constantly: not only online video site new tencent (web version + client), and 500 million yuan investment founded the film investment fund, investment 450 million yuan hua holdings,


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