Microsoft Office 2010 download Last April


 Microsoft Office 2010 download Last April

sell the global speed and PayPal a strategic partnership between PayPal become a global sell the speed of the market one way to pay.

Informed sources, and online for more than a year to sell in the foreign development speed quickly welcome, according to a quarterly earnings this year alibaba disclosure, is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

currently has around 40000 a seller in the platform use, number of goods more than 5 million, and its turnover in half year doubled is Alexa. Com B2B online trading platform flow international first.

The development of the global speed to sell the club-began to PayPal eBay China' s business impact, because eBay China major business direction is the overseas trade, supposedly, is free for you.

foreign trade export business has made China become the fifth world eBay profit center, and at present has appeared quite overseas individual buyers turn to speed sell with condition of purchase. Also, since the alibaba platform, there are a lot of overseas suppliers, if these overseas suppliers to sell the platform by fast China and overseas sales, is 100% perfect.

 for eBay will adversely affect foreign trade business.

Public data shows, ebay China about 2 billion dollars a year to achieve the transaction volume. Although no disclosure tachycardia sell alibaba connected transactions, but according to the business development situation and growth speed look, will soon be ebay China's foreign trade field of the big rivals. Because of the impact of this worry that, from the beginning of the year,




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