Microsoft Outlook 2010 Beijing time on July 21 news


Microsoft Outlook 2010 Beijing time on July 21 news

according to foreign media reports, job seekers on social networking sites activities affect its job success rate, this is not news, and more recently the United States appeared professional detective website, improper words and deeds will become a social burden. is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.


In the past, the enterprise will recruit people criminal record, credit card records of audit, and they are now beginning to network audit social activities.

An American born only one year of start-up companies "Social Intelligence" (Social Intelligence), see the business opportunities, they picked the online Social networking site famous, collect some job seekers in the past seven years in the actions. is free for you.


After the company will prepare a file, recording the specific job seekers comprehensive information, in addition to professional honor, charity performance, but also include many social networking site words and deeds: if there is racism words and deeds, and whether mention drugs, whether to release bare pictures or video, whether the show weapons, bombs, whether it's violent.

This company CEO Max Drucker (Max Drucker) media said: "we are not detective, we collected is online public gained."

Last fall, the federal trade commission for "social intelligence" lead of the question, is 100% perfect.

 but after the investigation, the agency to determine his in the U.S. "fair credit reporting act". But the company practices, still make privacy rights group feel worried, they think recruitment enterprise may seek and work not related to the personal information.





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