Office 2007 And here the notice to the burden on the tecent


Office 2007 And here the notice to the burden on the tecent

it is difficult to prove that zombie powder the true iden***y and, on the other hand after notice, the serious consequences has occurred, sina has achieved against rival effect.

This "haven" principle has been in practice be including video website, There are many improvements in .

 the many Internet services as indulgent and then take off "sin" infringement "ShangFangBaoJian". Sina micro bo can hand excuse users to upload, according to the requirements of users delete infringement tencent hair of the micro bo, on the other hand, will continue to indulge the so-called "user" upload infringing role, tencent and the interests of the copyright owner is not guaranteed basic.

In micro bo facing m*** tort tencent, in the current legal system, tencent and copyright owners as the victim often rights and interests is difficult to be security, is on sale now.

must think reasonable legal solution mechanism, the infringer to stop the infringing act.

Beijing time on July 21, according to foreign media reports, Google continues to improve its network services based on safety. A few days ago, Google claims for its search page add new functions, this function can remind users their computer may be the threat of malicious software.

Security experts Damian Menscher explanation say, Google in the execution of the routine inspection data center, found some unusual search flow, is cheaper than the CDs.

then set up the new system. With many manufacturers in the security experts common ****ysis, Google concluded that initiate these unusual search computer infected a particular malicious software.



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