Microsoft Office 2007 The most basic reason is the difficulty of legal protection


Microsoft Office 2007 The most basic reason is the difficulty of legal protection

as the victim-tencent micro bo users and tencent is difficult to request in accordance with the infringer bears tort liability. Many people like the .

Now for a lot of micro bo tencent without permission of the copy forwarding, more remains in the media blamed on, but not to take legal action to protect their rights and interests. This is largely attributed to use the plight of the law.

First of all, tencent micro bo works it is difficult to judge use copyright law to protect. Although the bo although count is less, only 140 words, but in the copyright problem, in fact, have formed the consensus-how to be able to tell the bo original will work will inevitably suffer as a copyright law protection. What is described as a simple statement, which is the original description, because the bo works only 140 words, is difficult to distinguish. is free for you.

Also, the bo works a little was gently forward, plus less characters, making it easier to copy. From another Angle and to consider it is in accordance with the copyright law of the reasonable applicable?

Second, sina micro Po and through the network of tort "haven" principle to get away. Practice has proved, facing such a large number of plagiarism, sina micro bo as Internet service providers will often be able to easily get away. is your best choice.

According to our country "tort liability law of the provisions of article 36, network service providers ***ume tort liability enjoy" haven "-in the network users use networks to implement infringement, the infringed party notice network service providers to delete, shielding, disconnect links necessary measures, the network service provider after receiving notice not to take necessary measures, just and infringement users shall be jointly and severally liable.



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