Office 2010 download The two days of the Po leaks also just want to let you honest face seeking


Office 2010 download The two days of the Po leaks also just want to let you honest face seeking

 give a reply to... If you can't afford the cost of more than ten thousand of the responsibility. OK, no problem, as long as you give me and care about this net friend of a positive reasonable explanation, it even if it. If you just avoid it, is an amazing gift for me.

even if I don't want to talk to you, the net friend and Wallace fans might be on the matter. Eventually, "treachery" will pay the price of deal with it!!!!!!!

Recently, about tencent celebrity micro bo and ordinary micro bo encounters sina blog the copy of the large-scale micro repeatedly see made public. Such as liu xiang, Karen mok man-wai celebrities in a less than the bo tencent a few minutes, they were sina micro bo user reproduced a is not bad copied forwarding, a few days down numerous. likes the ***istant in your office.

Even out of the ordinary users tencent between bo newsletter were largely copy.

Through the illegal reproduction, let tencent micro bo a celebrity micro bo, an original work in sina blog the spread of flow loss objectively, tencent compe***ive interests damaged. This happened in sina and tencent micro bo compe***ion has obviously in backward state, plus the forwarding these are mostly "zombie powder", also is some fans little silent users. is very easy.

This will not only make people whimsical, these actions like rival sina more like the organization of the behavior, and then they attack rivals.

Sina online micro bo the earliest system, long time internal market in a leading position, to meet the challenge and strong micro tencent has more than later, why have "courage" implementation malicious compe***ion behavior?



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