Office 2010 download Because IBM for company strategy transformation


Office 2010 download Because IBM for company strategy transformation

decided to sell their PC business, IBM and Great Wall computer joint venture company IIPC (IBM with 80% of the equity) natural is also being sold in the column, although the company benefits of good.

HuangHongSheng bail, skyworth group for financial status and held a briefing. Yesterday morning, the industrial and commercial bank of China 7 Banks such as shenzhen points (a) top line in a group in skyworth building. Many people like the .

 Skyworth digital, vice chairman of the board said zhang xuebin, skyworth group company in mainland China has not been any bank loans, also won't easily lending, but hope that a "worst case" appears when the bank will help.

Yesterday the syndicated high-rise building together skyworth including industrial and commercial bank of China, guangdong development bank, industrial bank, minsheng bank, shenzhen development bank, is free for you.

China merchants bank and agriculture bank of shenzhen points (a) President or vice President. Zhang xuebin to these syndicated people said, for the last 3 years dimension group in the mainland have never lend Banks have money, has always depended on their own funds management. The listed in Hong Kong skyworth digital holding just dimension group subsidiaries, and achieve dimension group and skyworth digital holdings are Hong Kong independent legal person.

Zhang xuebin points out, Hong Kong icac accused the HuangHongSheng and HuangPeiSheng theft company capital of 48 million Hong Kong dollars, is your best choice.

and the total ***ets of dimension group with more than 60 RMB one hundred million, 48 million Hong Kong dollars not affect overall situation.



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