Microsoft Office 2010 Haier's virtual holdings


Microsoft Office 2010 Haier's virtual holdings

The executives in haier working ten five or six years, left didn't get any shares. "When we GanBuHui in, to some option, just a simple receipt. Haier group should have a table in the above can enumerate how many options, a minister how many options, general manager of b every year according to the options dividends. is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

Went away, option can't take away, these options is not a personal in cash to buy, not to give individual, enterprise is at best a bonus means." The people thought that, in fact, haier and no thorough property rights reform.

"Hold options including haier group various subsidiaries, factory, and had a special contributions to employees. Every year group will give you a bonus, but won't tell how much you have options, the standard of share out bonus per share is how much, There are many improvements in .

very vague." The sources, and the number of share out bonus will be according to the efficiency and haier every year change, there are 30000, 50000, 100000, basic not more than 100000 yuan.

The person said, in haier internal, hold the company option to nearly 100 people, "but, before I seldom hear 'ChiGuHui' this statement. is on sale now.

It originally is a table of the top of the list each number, and some virtual shares this form data I'm afraid only a few people know. This is ZhangRuiMin in the management of a smart thing to do, the purpose is to retain talent." The person said, whether haier ChiGuHui over time, is gradually do real, it is. Its shareholders or whether the nearly 100 number, can't say for sure.

According to the sources, and haier this years many senior talents loss to other peer enterprises. "Haier's top ten top changes very little, their income may be relatively high. But, the haier group subordinate branches of a hand and technical backbone of change and many.





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