Microsoft Visio Professional 2010 The new company will become a true national home appliance


Microsoft Visio Professional 2010 The new company will become a true national home appliance

Large and medium and the sales of last year of yongle respectively for 10 billion yuan and 15.2 billion yuan, both sides each with their headquarters-Beijing, is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

Shanghai occupies 50% market share, but relative to the gome holdings Co., LTD (0493. HK, hereinafter referred to as "gome") and su ning electric equipment Co., LTD. (002024 SZ, hereinafter referred to as "su ning") the two rivals for, large and medium-sized and yongle can only be described as "regional home appliance retail enterprise".

"The merger of the new company will become true of the layout of the national appliance retailing enterprise", large and medium-sized SongGong general manager to the the first financial daily that the merger agreement is signed, since both sides is last month in xian and e****lished a joint venture company between Qingdao area after the further cooperation, is free for you.

large and medium-sized and yongle will in the future of the two parties have a total of more than 300 stores in implementing "unified purchase and unified distribution, unified management". In addition, large and medium-sized through the merger with yongle way, can rapid, efficient, high quality and complete listing process, can be made by a limited liability company's sudden for a large part of the listed companies, and to the listed company standard management. is 100% perfect.


According to the merger agreement, both parties will merge in the process of their respective advantages area, north and south management "to the original large and medium-sized and yongle management organization to handle the daily business activities, not set up separate management ins***utions.


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