Microsoft Visio 2010 Yongle's stock price soar


Microsoft Visio 2010 Yongle's stock price soar

Borrow shell is undoubtedly with large and medium-sized listed with a clear connection yongle meaning, this also SongGong no secret: is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

"large and medium-sized electric through and yongle (China) merger, can rapid, efficient, high quality and complete listing process, can be made by a limited liability company to rank a large part of the listed company."

Large and medium is the domestic appliances chain five strong only in a "wild" members, and in the country, su ning and yongle has realized after listing, the fourth largest electrical appliances chain business jiangsu the five-star electric also parti****ted in the Hong Kong stock exchange to submit the application for listing, therefore, can be listed as soon as possible has become a big of the "anxiety".

Yongle (China) in the news announced the first posted on the day that the listed in performance: 2005 net profit of 289 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 56%, Do you like ?

 this performance and equity merger news together its stock price promote rose 6.83%, to $4.30 points. This is also the Chen should want most to see behind the scenes to Morgan Stanley.

Chinese home appliance retailing DuoNian to the merger of the biggest action pulled open heavy curtain, on 21 April 18, large and medium-sized electric appliance Co., LTD. changes life.

 (hereinafter referred to as "large and medium-sized") and yongle (China) electrical sales Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "yongle") in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong also announced that three, large and medium-sized and yongle have officially signed agreement, the two sides will through the equity transfer in the way of a merge years to complete, with annual sales of 30 billion ~ 40 billion yuan of China's third everyone's electricity retail enterprise will be officially released.




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