Microsoft Project Professional 2010 Gome, su ning is not the putative foe


Microsoft Project Professional 2010 Gome, su ning is not the putative foe

And whether the merger sword refers to the industry and su ning gome is concerned with. To this, SongGong a peace, "we set up the strategic cooperation relationship with no compe***ive partners' is' the putative foe, There are many improvements in .

we advocate in the industry and to make rational harmony between the 'home appliance family'." But he also meaningfully say: "large and medium-sized and sales of sum of emperor yongle between 25 billion and 30 billion yuan, as to whether gome, su ning compete with, you should be very clear."

At present, the domestic appliances chain business ranking seating is very clear: is on sale now.

to more than 40 billion yuan of gome ranked first in sales, su ning to 35 billion sales after the first immediately, always the third and fifth in large and medium-sized and placed a.

However, large and medium-sized and in their respective camp-yongle Beijing and Shanghai market share over 50%, SongGong two home sales this year is expected to total is expected to 30 billion to 40 billion yuan. Therefore, the beijing-shanghai win-win team can make ranking upgrade, this year is the key of the year.

But, the industry observers be worry, two equity distribution, is cheaper than the CDs.

and the key "who's the boss" is a big problem, delimit the site points of the strategy of obviously not for a long time, "1 + 1 is greater than 2" will be this year transition period in the field most concern.

Lend hull in large and medium-sized listed






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