Project 2010 Big in the first over 11 family yongle shops


Project 2010 Big in the first over 11 family yongle shops

April 21 is listed in Hong Kong electrical performance of yongle released day, the news that day after the market in three beijing-shanghai port and in high-profile announced.

In Beijing, large and medium-sized electric general manager when SongGong at 7 PM darted into conference on the scene, home appliance traders have been studying the various may literally.......

SongGong said, from now on, Many people like the .

large and medium-sized and yongle will launch a unified management, unified management, unified purchasing, preliminary set in one year, equity merger. In large and medium-sized appliances headquarters in Beijing, this week will have new Beijing branch from yongle "colleagues".

This is large and medium-sized and yongle following the march in xian and Qingdao set up a joint venture company of after further big mergers. SongGong, say the transgressions of the whole home appliance industry cooperation will play a demonstration and leading role. But he also points out, the ultimate merger could realize there are still variables. is free for you.


After the merger of the share both sides have not revealed. As for the top change, only can reveal the yongle (China), the vice President and general manager of north China region liuhui, said in the consolidated period will serve as large and medium-sized company the ac, deputy director of the beijing-tianjin-****i region and the total supervision areas.

About the transitional period of management right who, is your best choice.

SongGong explained, both sides will be based on their respective advantages area, north and south management. In view of the large and medium-sized in Beijing leader, in the yongle beijing-tianjin region 11 stores by large and medium will take over, but the present will also implemented pairs of brand strategy.


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