Microsoft Project 2010 Haier electrical says


Microsoft Project 2010 Haier electrical says

 is currently negotiating with haier group, ready to put the loss of the mobile phone manufacturing business selling to haier group. Industry insiders speculated that, is an amazing gift for me.

the haier group will put profit ability strong white home appliance ***ets into haier electrical appliances. In addition to the mobile phone business, haier electric appliance is currently only production washing machine.

Haier electrical mobile unit, loss is not "exclusive", it is understood that China's local mobile phone market share in the domestic market started to slide, has dropped to 50% from peak to below 20%. And in addition to haier appliances are going to survive the broken tail, skyworth mobile phone business plan also fade out.

On Friday, the Chinese electrical appliances chains bosses spent the most intense a weekend. They were waiting for news until 5 p.m. 15 points just published: likes the ***istant in your office.

Beijing large and medium-sized electric chairman wide and yongle (China) (0503. HK) President of the ChenXiao jointly issued announcement in Hong Kong, says both sides already in signed on April 19, implement comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, will realize equity merger in a year.

The company after the integration is expected to become the nation's largest home appliance enterprise one of the chain, and gome, su ning form Japan of power. is very easy.


In the annual sales of more than 500 billion yuan of Chinese home appliance market, intensified compe***ion in at the same time, capital acquisition events are endless. Next will be who?

Large and medium-sized electric general manager SongGong said yesterday, from now on, large and medium-sized and yongle will launch a unified management, unified management, unified purchasing.

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