Office 2010 beta Who is the next duan yongping paid


Office 2010 beta Who is the next duan yongping paid

Former CCTV advertising the chairman of the board of the top step has faded from public view duan yongping paid for a long time, Discount are for you.

 in July 2006, he has been the $620100 day price, on eBay auction to in with warren buffett lunch charity fundraising bid. And he immigrated to the United States in the last boom after wealth, just is given worship network shares. The wheel China the extent of the buyback and retreat city boom, let a lot of attention to duan yongping paid the myth of wealth alternative network interesting repeatedly. That year in netease stock fell into duan yongping paid $1 a warehouse, absorbs a large number of less than $5 times of the average stock, netease bought netease share price not more than 3 dollars, and netease later in share price once ran high of nearly $100, this let duan yongping paid the hands of the stock average 50 times more appreciation.

Have the Internet could repeat itself duan yongping paid miracle does, now China's the extent of the management is that their share price be underestimated, likes the ***istant in your office.

 trying to pull litre stock repurchase of means, together with many former nasdaq stock price long time wandering in the low $5, make a lot of people to move back to the idea of the nasdaq investment. Just by the domestic stock market rise in 2006 to make the first 1 million yuan MengSongPeng in the interview said: "don't say that take less than $1 have the courage of netease stock, is to buy the stock, also can sina profit three times, and the United States to China's Internet economy investors don't know enough to create, asymmetric information value. This highly profitable opportunities must play more than just the domestic stock market, besides everyday in the Internet bubble, need not wait for the announcement on its web site, is 100% perfect.

good performance is obvious."

In fact MengSongPeng like this always plots overseas the extent of the minority, not China's Internet complex reality for stock also greatly fluctuation offers possibility. Not long ago the domestic 14 ministries allots jointly "on further strengthening Internet cafe and network game management of the notice, virtually brought to tencent influence.



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