Microsoft Office 2007 professional Thinking of nothing so bad. Redemption


Microsoft Office 2007 professional Thinking of nothing so bad. Redemption

Why are so many Chinese network shares the same time, the choice of the technique, the approximate financial measures in the capital market? Morgan Stanley ****ysts JiWeiDong ****ysis think: "the collective repurchase scale in China's Internet company absolutely unprecedented in history, is an amazing gift for me.

self increasing stock, it is a kind of protection of the stock market share price ****ility skills." In fact, from the headquarters of the famous Morgan Stanley dotcom queen Marie mikel (Mary Meeker), to a special study of the Chinese overseas listing all the company's JiWeiDong, netease almost always be their **** most chongxin company. Has almost become netease on nasdaq label, the JiWeiDong opinion, netease at its share price is equivalent to 2007 years before the expected earnings per share of 10 times, and net profit margins are as high as 60%. has a very simple way to install.

At hand and holding nearly $500 million in cash, the cash has been close to 20% of its value, according to the cash flow of the discount method, netease stocks estimated potential price than $18.14 now at least twice as much.

Since the summer of 2006, China began to Internet is no longer Wall Street investors holding the object, hot China concept by new Oriental, home inns, quietly, this kind of traditional media all the points business companies dominated yaxin, UT, like SiDaKang, palm quick these early technology companies are listed in share price extreme slowdown, also with the whole of the Internet change, become lukewarm, appear even at the end of February China network shares collective crash of the accidental phenomenon. Do you ever buy the ?
So like netease, a grand relatively ****le performance, cash on hand bounteous Internet companies have chosen to use buy back shares way pull litre share price. And according to the capital market, the rule of the buyback company ever was the choice of the buyback, often is out of the current downturn, with the long-term stock price that corporate value be underestimated badly, trying to buy back to the public by way of the board of directors of the show of confidence.



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