Microsoft Office 2007 home Nets dragon with maximum price to hk $13.18 pricing, net funds about hk $1.1739 billion


Microsoft Office 2007 home Nets dragon with maximum price to hk $13.18 pricing, net funds about hk $1.1739 billion

Nets dragon the listed, the total number of shares placement for 108 million, of which allotment of 95.6 million new shares, and sales of 12.4 million shares. is 100% perfect.

Stock price per share with the 11.18-13.18 Hong Kong dollars, the guarantor for bear stearns Asia Co., LTD. And Shanghai Co., LTD. A financing

Nets dragon plan will whip round the income mainly used for shaping corporate image and game product promotion, and merger and acquisition, development and cooperation of company operation, etc.

According to Hong Kong exchange has disclosed for initial public offering new situation, October 31,, the Hong Kong exchange has accepted the 94 companies listed on the main board and gem application in four home; Has been listed committee approved in principle but still not listed 10 home, gem of 1 home. is very easy.


The Intel "reds" Paul otellini had to visit hangzhou, international network oligarchs cisco company chairman and CEO John Chambers, and the world's largest independent storage equipment EMC chairman, global business President and CEO Joe figure, one yesterday onto their trip to Beijing. According to a person familiar with the trip in addition to routine visit, they senior government outside, still bullish on the Chinese investment environment to aggressively additional investment in China.

Chambers in Beijing yesterday announced a new round of investment plan, cisco plans to the next three to five years in China, including $16 billion into local procurement, is a great ***istant for your daily life.

and increase in education, finance lease, and research and development, the direct and indirect investment and sales and service operations, and other aspects of the investment.




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