Office 2007 key So far, Google's total market value has come close to $220 billion


Office 2007 key So far, Google's total market value has come close to $220 billion

only $41 billion market value not only make the enemy by yahoo, also than the United States "shares god" warren buffett leadership of the Berkshire hathaway company, and replace the cisco, became the silicon valley "most valuable" of the listed companies. is cheaper than the CDs.


According to the report, Google is in the stock market continual create proud achievement, in addition to the two men sergei sergey and larry page of personal wealth were more than $20 billion, the company's chairman and outside marketing director 0.1 billion has become rich, hundreds of thousands of ordinary employees also because Google stock and be held 1 million billionaires.

Google is in the stock market performance of the main promote for epic is market for its constantly develop new areas of strategic confidence. Over the past year, the company launched YouTube video ads, develop used in mobile equipment online maps, calendar and information software. is the newest software this year and many people have accepted it.

 In addition the company also ready to launch its own low cost online mobile phones, and plan and the American communication operation giant common development mobile phone software or provide the related services.

At present, according to Thomson financial corp, Wall Street ****ysts to Google stock average expected next year to $739.23 per share, some ****ysts even think the share price will leap up to $985.

The mainland network game development and operation of the wto dragon (8288. HK) this day will be in Hong Kong for the gem. is free for you.


Yesterday, the company reported, and the results in the international offers get a very large oversubscribed, and the excess of 16.2 million shares, accounting for free for rationed sale of shares subscribed for preliminary 15%.


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