MS Office 2007 The performance of the surge have stronger to lenovo's style


MS Office 2007 The performance of the surge have stronger to lenovo's style

Yesterday, lenovo in reported second-quarter earnings at the same time, will be announced in December to give up on a laptop, is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

using IBM logo on the product. LENOVO group CEO amelio says in the past few quarters, LENOVO has been in key strategic to make substantial progress, one important step is decided two years in advance will THINK series notebook and desktop products from IBM logo full transition to LENOVO brand.

According to information, December 9, 2004, lenovo purchased IBM global PC business, they had five years using IBM logo of rights and interests. Amelio, LENOVO said recent will develop the most outstanding called of the personal computer, and with the propaganda activities in 2008 the TOP sponsors, and further improve the rights and interests of the global brand awareness in LENOVO and reputation.

Yesterday in the second quarter earnings shows, lenovo their turnover 20% year-on-year to 4.4 billion us dollars, including the cost of restructuring after-tax net profit to 105 million us dollars, up soared 178%. Ended September 30, Do you like ?

lenovo has had $1.7 billion in cash reserves.

The global Internet search engine giant Google company-the United States on October 31, the stock market hit a miracle. As investors believe the company constantly stop the development strategy of the new field will bring its more wealth, then increase buying, the company's share price per share on the day the first time exceeded the $700 mark.

The company's share price, Google dish once close to $705, hind city dropped back to $700.04, $5.27 a day rose.

The company's share price jumped from $600 to $700 steps only less than a month. changes life.

Since September, the stock rose up since the middle of their market capitalization has risen by more than 30%, the stockholder wealth appreciation about $53 billion.

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