Microsoft word Surprisingly


Microsoft word Surprisingly

 yesterday, alibaba supremo for cheerleading Chambers also jack ma, and announced that the two companies will be in enterprise software cooperation, alibaba will be extended to WebEx cisco products and services, the company is cisco cost $3 billion, is your best choice.

march this year to buy back company. The two sides also plan to develop overseas market.

The reporter survey, cisco has just to alibaba network Co., LTD (alibaba group affiliates) investment of 17.5 million us dollars, amount to alibaba (1688 HK) listing in Hong Kong, 1.13% of the total quan***ies of 9.72 million shares. Cisco also therefore become alibaba an IPO eight main one of investors.

It is reported, cisco has and alibaba signed a memorandum of understanding, seek common for the small and medium enterprise provide cooperation and business management solutions DuoZhong way.

Provide $400 million financing

Chambers said cisco systems (China) financing lease Co., LTD will add about 400 million dollars to cisco in China, provide financing lease and service. Simple says, There are many improvements in .

 is to lend money to Chinese companies to buy the cisco products. After investigation, the financing lease on cisco in China for a very short time, began in June 2006, has offered 60 million dollars of money. Why are only beginning to financing? Chambers said, "before starting in cisco, hewlett-packard, large company also helped us, we help Chinese companies now." But cisco also apparently don't plan to learn lei feng, Chambers said see five to ten years after the interests. "We with Chinese partners, a short-term commercial return target." is on sale now.

Chambers think don't like other western enterprise, especially some of the listed company, only to see immediate interests, and neglect of China's future development.



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