Microsoft Office 2010 download Yesterday


Microsoft Office 2010 download Yesterday

the board of directors of the company cisco chairman and CEO John Chambers said in Beijing, the next three to five years to $16 billion investment in China. This is the Intel march this year spent $2.5 billion in the dalian likes the ***istant in your office.

foreign IT companies in China the largest amount of an investment. The latest intelligence shows that not only don't want to cisco beyond Intel, Microsoft's presence in China, giants and profound influence on Chinese education industry, business and finance industry in China, and could launch a series of large-scale acquisitions or capital injection action.

And countries build joint investment project. Running

According to understand, since 2002, cisco in China has more than 8.5 billion dollars in value. Three years ago, the last time the Chambers visit directly with capital just $30 million; The China announced it will invested $16 billion. Many people like the .

He said that after the Internet in the doldrums, cisco's transformation success, and investment in China has entered the second stage.

This $16 billion will be used for the purchase of the Chinese local significantly increased, and increase in education, finance lease, and research and development, straight and indirect investment and sales and service operations, and other aspects of the investment. Specific it is, and the state development bank e****lished a joint investment project, for Chinese enterprises to provide innovative capital and professional skills. For professional education, even new 300 network technology ins***ute. is free for you.

The project has gained the support of the ministry of education.

$17.5 million contribution alibaba





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