Especially in the later this year,


 Especially in the later this year,

 the more the emerging Internet company appear, their research and development of the game is almost the localization, is an amazing gift for me.

this also further promoted the rise of online research domestic.

Although with Europe and South Korea and China, local enterprises than game company of independent research and development level is still at the stage of learning, but local enterprises rely on the profound cultural background, abundant operation experience, flexible marketing mode advantage, a foothold. At the same time with local market the deep understanding and ac***ulation of experience, and accurate response market demand development strategy, their independent research and development in the local market products made good performance, China's online game industry has become the dominant force in the industry chain.

Some foreign companies in China through various means trying to independent operation network game, but did not succeed, has a very simple way to install.

it also from one side of the local enterprises provided strong vitality. At the same time, a group of independent research and development of the game in local enterprise to grow, reflect the higher for the needs of the user, the local control network game enterprise in technology, talent and marketing strength increased.

Along with the nets dragon, golden hill in overseas markets such as the successful operation of online games, more and more companies began to overseas markets, such as big, long tour, time and ****e, perfect game companies such as the snail. likes the ***istant in your office.

< ;p style="margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt" cl***="MsoNormal">China's online game companies avoid domestic compe***ion abilities, look to the overseas market, with the increase of the domestic game exports, China's online game market will be more mature.

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