So many online enterprise,


So many online enterprise,

 such as grand, tencent and industry leaders constantly huge input, foster industry of small and middle enterprises, the large-scale development network game of new products. This case is typical of the grand acquisition jin day technology, is 100% perfect.

tencent holdings shenzhen domain. This trend in this year there will be an further expand trend, more and more small and medium-sized operators, and the research and development team is over.

In addition, the domestic manufacturers through enhanced and international developers cooperative game development, sharing both technology and experience, and parti****te in the global into. The typical cases such as: big, is very easy.

 big Actoz acquisition South Korea investment NCsoft China subsidiary, EA equity capital levels of cooperation of sportswear etc, this means that Chinese game industry has already on the world network game pattern produced the influence of cannot be ignored.

Local online rise to developing overseas markets

In our country the government implemented the "China independent research and development network game publishing project", and a series of encouraging and promoting domestic national original game publishing measures drive, is a great ***istant for your daily life.

 the agency to foreign game is the characteristic of "made in China&q uot; rose to independent research and development is the characteristic of "China create".

China's original network game since 2005 domestic network game for occupy more than 60% of the market share, proved "create" network game of China has already become the pillar of the game industry.


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