The company advantage,


The company advantage,

 technical advantages, earnings and the idea of the management data indicate that the media will be a big push all the points of Internet advertising field, this area will also be the new blue ocean media points.

Chinese producers-" d of polysilicon LDK changes life.

solar Co., LTD (NYSE: LDK) has issued the latest financial forecast in the third quarter, the company is expected to third quarter earnings for 530 million-$540 million for 230 megawatts, silicon wafer shipments-240 megawatts (mw). "D LDK also announced that, in the third quarter of 2008 wafer ahead of can achieve the goal of auspicious watts. 1.2

Previously, the company expected in the third quarter is the best system ever.

of 486 million-$496 million income for 210 megawatts, silicon shipments-220 megawatts (mw).

Chairman and chief executive, said PengXiaoFeng three months ahead to achieve company silicon wafer production capacity and better than expected goals by the financial report, based on a play d reflect the largest industry, the lowest cost of solar wafers enterprise determination.

Earlier, for expansion of polysilicon factories and silicon factory, "d LDK, September 19 American shares in 4.8 million American Do you like ?

depositary shares (ADS), releases the price for $41.75, $200 million to raise funds.

PPLive internal company a financing plan before the end of next month, according to the company plan to seek $20 million of private financing.





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