good "in the Internet itself in advertising advantage is obvious, good and is China's largest Internet advertising agency and the Internet advertising technology providers, has the independent property rights and trademark rights Buy to help your office work.

AdForward software series products cover network advertising, monitoring, creative, directional and effect evaluation of each aspect, has been 80% of China's independent business web site and the advertising agencies.

In earnings, the data issued by the media points as of June 30 of the second quarter earnings this year without audit data show that the points in the second quarter of the media advertising revenues for Internet service $76.1 million, more is discount for this month.

han $49.6 million in the second quarter growth of 53.6%. Internet advertising services growth mean points all the media will be a big push in the Internet advertising field.

The chairman JiangNaChun in media points to the media access said, "the Internet advertising space in my opinion is not the winter, but face a spring." He also said, "the Internet itself is a new media platform, all the so of new media points company, it can in Internet field of different segments produce different value, is on sale now.

with more accurately, the interaction, the free way to let the advertising and Internet users demand, habit stick close, but also for advertisers to create higher return on investment."



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