American depositary share earnings of $0.34.


 American depositary share earnings of $0.34.

However, the performance of the media points into the mobile advertising business restructuring produce $79.3 million spending, led to the loss in the first quarter of 2008 was $53.8 million, or loss of adr losses of $0.42.

The above is only financial losses, the "door" on points the message the influence of media not only the financial, more important is, is the best system ever.

"message door" events have serious impact on the points of all the media image. According to industry insiders said all the media, points of mobile phone short message advertising business has done "smelly". Now, all the media needs to get rid of further points "message door" influence, looking for, build a new "fist" business has become the urgent delay.

Internet advertising will into new blue ocean

This time, all the media its good points and submit application for listing, and explains all the media will put the Internet points advertising business is good.

as its future business of the breaking point. At the same time, the Internet advertising will also become the media future new points of blue ocean.

First of all, the Internet advertising media points layout started early. In early August 2006 points all the media just began buying good "miracle, families, founding best stone, Shanghai nets Wallace in major Internet advertising agency, also acquired many second line advertising company. These acquisitions to account for a total  The is an amazing gift for me.

of subsidiary China more than 40% of the network advertising agency business, these actions have let points all the media became China's network advertising agency in the market.


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