Searching for new business needs to breaking point


Searching for new business needs to breaking point

Since all the wireless "message points door" after the incident, mobile phone short message advertising business was Do you ever buy the ?

forced to restructure, facing the media attention to, points lost an important profit point, therefore, all the media needs to find the points a business the breaking point.

In "message door" prior to the incident in the media, points released the 2007 annual report showed all the media in 2007, points cleared 144.4 million us dollars, up 73.6%. Note that in the media of the four points in the business field, points the wireless is the fastest growing part, in the fourth quarter of last year revenue, points changes life.

the wireless advertisement service revenue of $16 million, a 355.8% year-on-year increase, 3 successive quarterly growth by over 250%.

In "message door" after that, in June this year, all the media published points in the first quarter of 2008 ?D by March 31, 2008 audit financial report, not its total revenue of $161.6 million, up 214.7%; If the non-cash expenses, regardless of the equity awards from the acquisition of intangible assets amortize and with the will let your work faster and easier.

 persistent operation business related one-time expenditures, all the media points in the first quarter of this year after adjustment of the net profit of $44.8 million,

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